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The Dreaded “L” Word

4 Nov

What is the bain of my existence?  LAUNDRY. I HATE LAUNDRY. Here, let me say that again…




You got that? Are you understanding my issue here? I WOULD RATHER BE POKED IN THE EYE WITH AN INFECTED NEEDLE THAN DO LAUNDRY! OK, maybe I am being a bit dramatic…I’m just sayin…

And I can always give you any excuse. Anything at all. In fact, The Dude is sitting next to me now, most likely wondering why the f*#k I am blogging about laundry instead of just doing it. Here is the situation. I have one basket of clean clothes sitting in the living room that need to be folded. I have one basket of clean laundry in the laundry room that needs to be folded. Another basket of clean clothes in my bathroom, again that needs to be folded. And then there is dirty clothing everywhere. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING TO GET SO FAR BEHIND!

And here’s the kicker. I have a fabulous laundry room! It’s on the first floor, off the kitchen. When The Dude and I built this house 3 years ago, I made sure the laundry was extended, so that there was enough room for cabinets and a folding counter. It’s beautiful! I even just spruced it up with some cool stenciling.  I have an iPod holder thingy in there to listen to music while I am doing the laundry. I am the first to admit, it’s a Gddamn, f*%king palace! There is just something in my mental process that turns me off from laundry. I can think of anything, find anything I would rather do.

I feel so satisfied when I actually do get everything  done. Like I said before, my mojo just fizzles out and I want nothing to do with it. I get overwhelmed, frustrated and feel impotent.

OK, I am about to post some pictures of what we are dealing with. WARNING! THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

the laundry room


Everybody doing alright? Ok, let’s continue then. I am curious. What are YOUR laundry habits? How do you keep up? What are your secrets? Any advice on how not to fall behind? Any useful tools and tricks? Or am I just plain lazy?

What should I do? What’s that? Just go to Ann Taylor every time I run out of clothes you say? SURE! Oh wait…no. You just laughed at me. OK, c’mon! time to get my laundry room and ass in gear!

Give it to me straight everyone!

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