Hello world!

11 Oct

Hello world! Word Press gave this first title, along with some schmultzie “this is your first blog” sentence. I deleted that part, but thought the title was appropriate. My first blog! How exciting is this! So much to say…this is the 21st century. Why should I keep it to myself? Besides, diaries are so 80’s.  Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

I am a woman. First and foremost, that is what I am. Before I give you any other titles that I bear, that is one of the most important ones. Anything I do in my life, I am still a woman. And I rock it! Not in a “I’m 5’9, 90lbs and dress like a hussy” but in a “There are so many things that I have done and so many more I WILL do and have been told by many that b/c I am a woman, I can’t do it” WHATEV!

Next two titles are the same in importance. Wife and Mother. I am the perfect wife to Steve. I am the ying to his yang. I am mother to 3 amazing children. Morgan who is 10, Andrew who is 7 and sweet little Ethan, who is 2. I am an amazing mother. I am a perfect mother. I always have my house spic and span clean. My families laundry cleaned and pressed with care. I attend all school events, volunteer in each child’s classroom, have time to play and give one on one time to each child. Fresh cookies right out of the oven always greet my children when they arrive home from school. A home cooked meal is on the table every night for my darling family. I am an amazing mother. I am a perfect mother. I am the Donna Reed woman I was meant to be. I am…a compulsive liar.  Yeah, non of that is true. And if any woman tries to tell you that is her story, well she is a liar too.

In reality, I am a crazed woman. I have many hats. Woman, wife, mother, student, volunteer. I have learned that I have to wear a few at a time. I juggle the best I can. I am an All American Woman trying the best I can. But, while I document the frazzled, hectic and craziness that is my life, I am doing it all with a smile…most of the time.

Welcome to my world…buckle up baby!

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