Gen X Mama is back (well, trying)!

15 Jul

It is quite sad that it has been six months since I have made a post to this blog. Busy? Yes. Nothing to say? Please.

Life has been hectic. And I had to put my blog on hold, much to the dismay of my faithful readers (you know, all 3 of you).  The Dude and I moved our family 1000 miles away from NY to GA for The Dudes career. X kids were not pleased. I did quite enjoy hearing the screaming coming from X Girl over the months and I quote…”Thanks for ruining my life Mom.” Well, your welcome daughter. X Baby is fine and X Boy is just excited that one of our bribes is a new dog, which we will fulfill soon.

Overall though, the X family is adjusting well and I look forward to sharing the trials and tribulations with all of you about a mom trying to hold it all together with a smile and headphones once again.

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