A Not-So Worldless Wednesday…Thank You Nursery

27 Oct

You might find this a bit silly, corny, or schmoltzie. However, I cannot end this part of my life without a few words. Today is the last official day that I will have a nursery in my home. My sweet Little E is moving on to a big boy room as of Thursday. The furniture is being delivered on Friday, however, The Dude & I will be taking everything apart, moving the furniture out of there and turning baby into big boyness.

A chapter, one of the most significant chapters in my life, will be coming to an end. There will be no more babies in the Gen X family(no, no, trust me, NO MORE BABIES), there will never be another nursery in my home. And while I embrace the excitement of a new, non-baby chapter in my life, I can’t help but pause, as I think of the memories that each piece of furniture has held for me. This nursery set is now 10 years old and has been a part of all 3 of our babies lives. We are not keeping the furniture. It is moving on. I have owned 3 homes and all three have contained a nursery for a new little person to enter our lives in each of those houses. Our current house is the last home I will ever own that we decorate a nursery for.

The rocking chair was very important. I did not want one of those glider thingys. I wanted an actual rocking chair. One that would stay with our family long after there were no more babies to rock to sleep. One that would become an heirloom in our little family. Over the 10 years, this rocking chair has helped me nurse my babies, rock them to sleep, and has heard great stories being told at any given time, day or night. The rocking chair I am happy to say, is one thing I will not part with and will now become a part of another area in the house. BTW the changing table… I picked that up at a garage sale last minute b/c I did not think there would be enough room on the dresser/changing table combo. 10 years later, it is still the best $10 bucks I ever spent!

Thank you crib. Your shaker style was just what I was looking for in a crib. One that was timeless and classic. Thank you for keeping my babies safe and secure as they spent nights sleeping and dreaming of innocence and happiness and love.

Thank you dresser. You held little possessions, tiny pieces of clothing, burp clothes, baby towels and little shoes. You withstood many years of drawer slamming and baby banging.

So, as I say goodbye and let go of the pieces of my history, I will always hold a spot close to my heart for these simple pieces of wood that helped us so long ago, when The Dude and I were getting ready to start our then new chapter in our lives. Thank you for my memories.

One Response to “A Not-So Worldless Wednesday…Thank You Nursery”

  1. Sheila @Pieces of a Mom October 27, 2010 at 11:08 am #

    I’m shedding a tear for you. I remember when my youngest, who is now 4, moved on from her crib to a big girl bed. It was sad and exciting, but mostly sad, of course. You’ll look back on this post years from now and be so glad that you wrote it. The memories are precious.


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